About Nudi Noodle Place

Since the beginning, we have the desire to serve healthy food plus seeing the expert usage of chopsticks among the large population here – Asians, westerners and Europeans – our menu selections thus include some forms of noodles, pasta or ramen. 

With the understanding that meat, vegetables and fruits taste differently at different seasons, our Head chef has to revise our menu accordingly.  We believe that ingredients and raw materials need to be fresh to retain their utmost flavors. Henceforth, we purchase our cooking materials from local suppliers, farmer markets or pick up from our own garden.

Our menu comprise of popular dishes selected from our own hometown, Thailand and other countries including Malaysia, Japan and Korea.  We have slightly adjusted ingredients and tastes to suit Portlanders who love slightly hot, sour and some sweetness in their food.

So this is us, Nudi Noodle Portland.